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This morning, while making breakfast at home, I turned on the radio to Mark Hyman, M.D.’s interview on NPR’s The People’s Pharmacy.  Dr. Hyman is the author of The Blood Sugar Solution: The Ultrahealthy Program for Losing Weight, Controlling Diabetes and Feeling Great Now! He talked about the same things I talk about  – how to control and prevent type 2 diabetes by eating real foods and reducing/eliminating the liquid calories and bad carbohydrates.

When I first turned on the show, I had just returned from a glorious walk/run over the Barber Bridge and was in the middle of making a late Sunday morning breakfast for my son and me consisting of a baby portabello mushroom and cheese omelet (plus turkey bacon for my son).  Terry Graydon was talking about the food dyes and sugars contained in common breakfast cereals like Fruit Loops served in many of this country’s schools.  She asked Dr. Hyman about what makes a great breakfast and he talked about the value of starting the day with good protein foods, like eggs, nut butters, nuts, and protein shakes.

Foods promoted by Dr. Hyman were what he calls “slow carbs” (commonly known to most of us as the “good carbs”).  He said to visualize your plate and fill half of it with the slow carbs – the non-starchy  vegetables  – and eat as much of those as you want.  Then add a good protein like fish or tofu (he also said chicken, but that’s not one of my menu options by choice) on ¼ of the plate and add a grain like black rice (which raises the blood sugar more slowly than white or brown rice) or quinoa on the remaining ¼ plate.  This plate method is what I have been teaching for years in Healthy Diabetes Coach classes and when I was running the Wellness Program of a Medicare Advantage company.  Some of the foods he advocates include broccoli, nut butters, spinach, chia and hemp seeds (both high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids), strawberries, quinoa, and black rice.  (NOTE:  Check out Lundberg Rice.  They have a great black rice mix I love to use.)

Dr. Hyman’s new book is available on   His message is that food is medicine and that diabetes can be controlled with food — the same information contained in the Healthy Diabetes Coach education program available here.   Eat well, live well!

A healthy way to start your day

Nancy L. Heinrich, M.P.H.

Your Healthy Diabetes Coach

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I was not surprised to hear that the Queen of Southern Cooking, Paula Deen, was diagnosed 3 years ago with Type 2 Diabetes.  What did surprise me was that she is a paid spokesperson for the  drug company, Novo Nordisk, which she recently discussed with Al Roker on The Today Show.
The take-away message I get is this:  Paula Deen  has eaten excessive amounts of the bad carbohydrates, has been overweight, now she gets diabetes, starts taking drugs, gets paid to use drugs, and is promoting drugs for other people with diabetes.
Ms. Deen loses her credibility as a chef, especially when she says she preaches to people to eat in moderation, because she appears to be promoting  drugs as the first line of defense in controlling diabetes when, in fact, we know otherwise.
According to the 2012 Standards of Medical Care from American Diabetes Association, most people with Type 2 Diabetes can control the disease by making changes to what they eat and increasing their physical activity.  Drugs should not be the first line of defense.
As the author of the book, Healthy Living with Diabetes: One Small Step at a Time ( and having worked with thousands of older adults like Ms. Deen who are diagnosed with diabetes, I have gotten pretty good about teaching people how to make small changes to what they are eating in order to not just control diabetes, but to also reverse it.   Each time I do a healthy cooking class or make a House Call with Nancy Heinrich, the Healthy Diabetes Coach to the kitchen of someone recently diagnosed with diabetes, I am teaching how to make the changes that can prevent someone from having to add more medicines.  The individuals I work with learn how to implement small steps in the kitchen, they start losing weight, and then require fewer drugs, not more.  The best news is when someone I’m working with becomes drug-free!
Diabetes is a serious disease.  Some people require medicines in order to get their blood sugars under good control.  The fact is that most people can do the same thing by facing diabetes head-on and learning how to make small steps one at a time.  Let’s not overlook the importance of eating good foods and avoiding the high fat and refined carb foods that Paula Deen’s books and shows highlight.  The plant-based recipes from the Healthy Diabetes Coach program feature whole grains and emphasize fresh vegetables, locally grown when available.  Just imagine if the Queen of Southern Cooking and this Healthy Diabetes Coach got together in the kitchen.  Ms. Deen, are you up to it??  I would love the opportunity to play together!
Nancy Heinrich
Your Healthy Diabetes Coach
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An article on  by Rita Rubin today caught my attention: “Diabetes Shame Plus Denial a Risky Combo”. 

Many people I’ve worked with in the past seven years didn’t have a support system of family and friends.  As a result, they had wildly uncontrolled diabetes.  Uncontrolled diabetes is how you get the complications like neuropathy (when your hands and/or feet get all tingly or go numb), heart attacks, and vision problems.  When diabetes is controlled, you don’t have complications. 

Denial about having diabetes is too common, unfortunately, because it leads to a delay in a plan of action about becoming educated and preventing life-threatening complications.  Feeling shame because you’ve been told you have diabetes is a negatively powerful tool to ensure that you’ll have problems.   The article I read talked about how one woman’s dialog with her mother about choices she had made as a child (“I told you not to eat all those sweets”) took her down a path that had poor results. 

Let’s talk about diabetes.  Do not feel shame.  Feel empowered that you can now make good choices.  Feel good that you can now teach your family to be informed and stay healthy.  We all need a support system.  Hiding something like a diabetes diagnosis will only delay your success in controlling diabetes and hopefully, with my help, reversing it. 

To read the entire article, go to

Your health IS your life.  Make it great!  We don’t have time for denial or shame.   So let’s get started, TOGETHER!

Nancy L. Heinrich, M.P.H.

Author of Healthy Living with Diabetes: One Small Step at a Time ( and Healthy Diabetes Coach: Your Keys to Control ( , a diabetes education program for people newly diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes

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The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is the perfect time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we want to be.  Take a few minutes and look in the rear view mirror.  Make a list of what you wanted to do this year but didn’t.  Then make another list of what the barriers were.  Be honest with yourself.

Now let’s start fresh and make a commitment to write down what you want to achieve in 2011.  Find some pictures that illustrate what you want to happen.  Visualization of your goals can be a powerful tool .  Make a commitment to look at your goal list at least once a week and make weekly lists of what you need to do to complete your new achievements.

Start with a fresh mindset and “act as though it is true”.

If your 2011 goal is to finally get your A1C below 7%, then ACT AS THOUGH IT IS ALREADY BELOW 7%.    Take the actions you need to take to get it below 7%.  I’m here to help you achieve your goals.  Now get out some paper and a pen and let ‘s get to work!

To your perfect health!

Nancy Heinrich

The Healthy Diabetes Coach

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American Diabetes Month, held in November of each year, is a chance to reflect and regroup (

If you have diabetes, do you know your ABCs? Are they under control?  If you live with someone with diabetes, do they know about the diabetes ABCs?  If your husband or wife has diabetes, you need to know just as much.  If you’re like most married people, one of you does more of the shopping and the cooking and you share meals together.

If your A1C is 7% or higher, if your blood pressure is 130/80 or higher, or if your LDL cholesterol is 100 or higher, then let’s end the illiteracy and get to work.  Controlling diabetes begins with learning about your diabetes ABCs, then making small changes one at a time to get your numbers to their target goals.  Ready to get to work?  Let’s do it together.

My name is Nancy Heinrich.  I’ve been teaching people how to successfully and easily get their diabetes ABCs under control in simple lessons.  I promise you that when you know what to do, it’s easy.  Join me for the Healthy Diabetes Coach coaching program and succeed.

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