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Here is the latest video content that Nancy has put out on YouTube.

Top 10 Questions We Get Asked About Diabetes


Now get started on making these changes in your life…..

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Check out some of the latest ‘Diabetes Health Tips’ that Nancy has put out on YouTube.

Here is ‘Diabetes Health Tips #2’.

Now get started on making these changes in your life…..

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Drew Carey - Weight loss and Diabetes Success Hero

Did you see Parade magazine last weekend?

On the cover was a picture of the new and improved Drew Carey, 52 years old, standing on a scale and showing off a lot less of himself. The new and improved part? He isn’t carrying around the extra 70 or 80 pounds that contributed to major health issues, some of which he has also shed.

One of the pictures in the article by Robert Moritz ( was of Drew and his two brothers, Neal and Roger, age 58, in 2005.  All three are obese. Turns out brother Neal died in July at age 64.

Drew Carey had lots of wake-up calls to take action. Turns out the funny guy from Cleveland had type 2 diabetes and was taking medications to control it. When he finally committed to better foods and exercising 30-60 minutes a day and the weight started coming off, guess what happened?

Yep. You guessed it. “After 10 weeks, his doctor told him that his diabetes symptoms had reversed and that he no longer needed to take medication.”

Drew Carey is one funny guy. The world needs funny guys now more than ever.  Drew, we need you to keep off the weight now. One key habit of “successful losers”?  Keep exercising.

Thanks, Drew, for having the courage to know you needed to lose weight.  For taking action.  For reversing your diabetes.

For more information about how to make the simple changes to control, prevent, and reverse diabetes, go to

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Let me tell you a story.

This week I was invited to do a Healthy Cooking demonstration at a county employee health fair. I showed up with a cooler full of vegetables and everything needed to feed 100 or so people. My friend, Karen, came to help and we got to work chopping and grilling using recipes from the ‘Healthy Diabetes Coach’ program.

My goal?  Teach people in 5 bites or less how to prevent diabetes.

A lot of people came outside for a sample because the word seemed to be getting around about what we were doing and how good the food was. While we were furiously cooking and handing out samples, I spoke to various groups of county employees about how to start making one change a week to get to a healthier weight and get their blood sugar under control.  Let food be thy medicine.

One woman approached me on the side and said someone had told her there was a “diabetes lady” outside. This county employee confided that she was on an insulin pump and had recently been working on losing some weight. She had a question for me about her after-meal blood sugar results.

I asked her a couple of basic questions. She couldn’t answer them. I asked her how long she’s had diabetes.  The answer?  Twenty years. Twenty years of doctors visit, medicines, and uncontrolled diabetes. I gave her a homework assignment to do and told her one key question to ask her doctor.

Why is it that self-insured employers like the county provide health insurance for their employees and don’t see the value of providing basic literacy about health to their employees? The moral of this story is that America is not getting health from the health insurance companies.  Employees like the county where I live are paying to control diseases once they are diagnosed.  The fact that this woman had no idea what her after-meal (“postprandial”) blood sugar reading was supposed to be and when to check it, especially in light of her successful efforts to lose weight and being on an insulin pump, is testimony for why zillions of people need the easy-to-digest content of the Healthy Diabetes Coach program.

The county is paying a lot of money for its employees with diabetes who don’t have a clue about the basics.  Health is a two-way street. Health care providers should have an ethical obligation to educate their patient before beginning an expensive course of treatment. A patient should be responsible for asking questions. Until someone is educated, they may not know what questions to ask. Like the woman on an insulin pump.

If the county where I did this Healthy Cooking demonstration wants to save a lot of money (not to mention improve employee productivity, decrease absenteeism, lower employees out-of-pocket costs, and improve morale for starters), they should call me.

Stay tuned to my next update for information about the recipes we made!    

Eat well and live well!

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Check out some of the latest ‘Diabetes Health Tips’ that Nancy has put out on YouTube.

Here is ‘Diabetes Health Tips #1’.

Now get started on making these changes in your life…..

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