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We love to hear how Nancy and the ‘Healthy Diabetes Coach’ program has helped people.

On our blog earlier this week,  Nancy talked about the role of the spouse and family in controlling  and beating diabetes.

The following video testimonial came from the sister of one of our ‘patients’ or clients.

I think she says it all…..

It is important to keep in mind that we can help our friends and family if they have diabetes. Simply by introducing them to this website they will learn a lot, and getting them on the ‘Healthy Diabetes Coach’ program could change their lives.

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What’s a Spouse To Do!

Does your husband or wife have diabetes?

I work with a lot of couples where the husband has diabetes and the wife doesn’t or vice versa. The simple fact is that both of you need to know the fundamentals about controlling diabetes with healthy, balanced eating. If the partner with diabetes is referred to see a nutrition specialist, you both need to go to the appointment.

So if your husband or wife has been diagnosed with diabetes, it’s time for you to dust off your pencil and paper and go get your training, too. Make a date out of it and have fun with it. Besides, if your spouse has diabetes and you have children, your kids have an increased risk of developing diabetes. Even if your kids are adults now, you can still teach them so they know how to prevent diabetes from developing.

Show them how to calculate their BMI and make sure they know how to read food labels. Are they still drinking soda with all those added sugars? You’re still the parent, so let’s have a lesson around the dinner table tonight.  Let’s prevent diabetes in your family.

I’ll show you how! It’s as easy as ABC.

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HEADLINE:  New data reveals  “Doctors remain remiss in advising overweight patients about healthy eating”

Does it surprise you that “only about half of obese American adults were advised by their doctors to cut down on fatty foods in 2006”? According to the latest data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), this rate had not changed since 2002.

Ever wonder why there are more obese black and Hispanic adults than Caucasian adults? Consider this, “Obese black and Hispanic adults were less likely than whites to receive advice on food consumption (45 and 42 percent, respectively, compared with 52 percent).

Who do you know who is obese and has not been trained in how to get to a healthier weight? If doctors are remiss in advising their overweight patients about healthy eating, then we have a responsibility to each other.

If you know someone who is in the group of Americans who are overweight or obese (2/3rds of all adults now), here is a training tip for them:  Cutting back on fat calories is one of the first places to start when deciding it is time to get to a healthier weight.  Because fat has 9 calories a gram while carbohydrates and proteins have 4 calories a gram, cutting back fat calories is the easiest way to reduce  total calories. Start with saturated and trans fats.  Butter, milk, cheese and meat all contain saturated fat (fat from an animal).  If you use butter, use half as much starting today.  If you drink whole milk or 2% milk, switch to skim or 1% milk starting with your next trip to the grocery store.

For more tips on getting to a healthier weight, subscribe now to Because everyone who is overweight should know what to do. Do you?

Source:  2009 National Healthcare Disparities Report, pages 77-79 (

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This was on the front page of my MSN home page the other day. When I clicked to the link, the first thing on the list was the drug made by a large pharmaceutical company that blocks fat. The implication is that drugs are the answer to your problems.

Here’s what bothers me about that headline. A lot of people, actually 2/3’s of all American adults, are overweight and obese. Most Americans want to take the weight off. The problem is diets are fads. Fads come and go. Fads don’t change your behavior in the long run. As I say in my book, “Healthy Living with Diabetes: One Small Step at a Time”, I don’t believe in diets. Just look at the first three letters:  D-I-E.

Do you want to learn how to diet (die) or live??  Who is in control of your life? Drugs or you?

The choice is yours. Diets are like rehab for people who abuse drugs and/or alcohol. You go into an artificial environment for 28 days to detox and get sober, then you go back to your same environment with the same liquor cabinet or with the same people offering to supply you with drugs, legal and illegal. You slip back into your old habits and bad choices.

I don’t believe that drugs are the answer to your problems. If you have diabetes, learning to get to a healthier weight is part of learning to be in control. If you want to “take the weight off”, then my commitment to you is that when you decide that fad diets are not the answer, make the Healthy Diabetes Coach program your answer.  I’ll show you how to live. Not die. I’ll show you how to get to a healthier weight. Simply. NO MATTER WHAT!

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