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Congratulations to Bret Michaels, the new Celebrity Apprentice.

Living large with Type 1 Diabetes requires that he be knowledgeable about healthy eating, carbohydrates, and the role of regular physical activity in addition to knowing how to take his insulin and other medications for optimal results.

While someone with Type 1 Diabetes relies on insulin in order to live, they also need to know about how carbohydrates and physical activity affect their blood sugar. Too many people have the attitude that, “I can eat all the bread and pasta I want, I will just use more insulin,” an attitude that causes their bodies to wear out sooner instead of later.

Are you “living large” with your diabetes? Are you in control yet? Or are wildly fluctuating blood sugars keeping you a slave to doctor’s visits, emergency room visits and more and more medications? It is time to draw a line in the sand and say “NO MORE”.

Get the tools you need to get control over diabetes. The sooner the better. Your knowledge will give you the power of control.

Check out the Healthy Diabetes Coach Program to get grounded and on track, so that you are in the spotlight of your own life.

Isn’t it time you started “living large”? The answer is YES!

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A recent article in the April 2010 Research Activities from Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) is buried on page 22.  The significance of this article, in my humble opinion, is that it should be on the front page of every newspaper in America.  It shows that one-fourth  of the approximately $82 BILLION spent in 2007 for medications for the elderly Medicare beneficiaries was to purchase diabetes and cholesterol prescription drugs.  To view the article, go to

How much was spent on educating those with diabetes on how to make simple changes to what they are eating and giving them incentives to be more physically active?  We could spend a lot less if we shift spending to the two areas that can control diabetes for most adults: education about what to eat and the importance of increased physical activity.

Writing a prescription only takes a minute.  Just ask any of the well-dressed, highly polished, young and attractive pharmaceutical industry representatives in your favorite doctor’s office.

Teaching someone how to talk with their doctor, how to ask the right questions, and showing them how to make small changes that reduce sugars, salts, and fats take more than a minute.  It might take a couple of hours or a couple dozen hours to get it right, but that’s nothing compared to the $19 BILLION spent on filling prescriptions for diabetes and cholesterol medications just for older Americans!  This doesn’t even count people in their 40’s or 50’s already diagnosed with diabetes.

My name is Nancy Heinrich.  My aim is to change – revolutionize – how you learn about health – especially if you have diabetes or prediabetes.   I believe that every American should have easy access to learning the essentials elements for great health.  That’s why I’m working to give you easy, simple, and clear diabetes education programs.  I want you — and your family — to know about carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and the components of healthy eating.  I have created  the Healthy Diabetes Coach Program so that you know how to control diabetes.  It does what your doctor doesn’t have time to do: teach and empower you to be in control.  Allow me to serve you.

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