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Let’s keep things simple. Focus on making small changes to achieve big results. When I work with someone who has diabetes, it’s not about changing everything overnight, it’s about making one small change a week.

If you have diabetes or prediabetes, here’s one small change you can make.

When you go home today, look at the bread in your pantry right now. Look at the food label. How many grams of dietary fiber per slice do you see? One? Less than one? Don’t ever buy that bread again. Make one small change this week. Start buying bread that meets “the Nancy Rule“: 4 or more grams of dietary fiber per slice and the first ingredient includes the word “whole”. So many Americans have diabetes or are overweight because they’re not getting enough (or any) dietary fiber. Fiber is in foods that come from plants. Fiber fills us up. Fiber doesn’t raise your blood sugar, which is why it’s the best kind of carbohydrate to eat. Use “the Nancy Rule” next time you buy bread. One small change.

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Check out Nancy, the ‘Healthy Diabetes Coach’, talking on video about the costs of treating diabetes. She also gives some great tips on how you can get control of this issue by making a few small changes to your lifestyle.

Hope you enjoyed the car as well.

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Head shot Nancy Heinrich

Nancy Heinrich - The 'healthy Diabetes Coach'

We are very proud to introduce our resident expert, Nancy Heinrich – the ‘Healthy Diabetes Coach’.

Nancy Heinrich

Nancy L. Heinrich, M.P.H. is an epidemiologist who transforms the lives of people with diabetes – and their families – so they are in control of this disease and no longer living in fear of it. Her extensive public health background includes communicable disease control work in HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, and hepatitis. Nancy is a member of the American Public Health Association and the American Association of Diabetes Educators. She recently founded ‘Growing Healthy Kids’, a 501(c)(3) organization to bring innovative garden-based education to children and their families as a means of halting and reversing the childhood obesity epidemic. She is the author of “Healthy Living with Diabetes: One Small Step at a Time” and the creator of the “Healthy Living, Healthy Eating, Healthy Diabetes” video.

Hi, I’m Nancy Heinrich and I’m working to make a difference in diabetes, prediabetes, and obesity. We can get to healthier weights, control diabetes, and stop prediabetes from progressing to diabetes when we make smart choices and simple changes in our daily lives.  I am writing books, producing a video series, and creating innovative solutions to get this message across in a clear, concise way based on my work with thousands of adults.  We can bring down health costs for business and families.  Every American with diabetes should be comfortable discussing the basics about carbohydrates, yet our health care system keeps people ignorant, often intentionally.

I teach and empower people just like you, how to start making one small step at a time towards better health. Americans struggling with uncontrolled blood sugars and weight management challenges are entitled to know the truth that simple changes can have huge results.  We can no longer afford to pay the price of ignorance about carbohydrates, dietary fiber, good and bad fats, etc.  With the childhood obesity epidemic worsening and the prediction that children’s life expectancies may be less than ours because of obesity and its impact on diabetes, cancers, and heart disease, the lives – and health – of our children and grandchildren are now at stake.

I look forward to working with you to make a difference in your life and those of your loved ones.”

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Stop Diabetes – Numbers

Did you know that every 24 hours another 4320 new cases of diabetes will be diagnosed. That is one every 20 seconds.

Isn’t that unbelieveably scary.

One in 5 Americans are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes…  and …. Nearly 6 million Americans already have diabetes and don’t know it…..

Are you one of them?

“What will you do to stop Diabetes?”

Remember that your health is your responsibility. A few simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference in improving your health. Stick with us here at, we have a ton of great information coming your way.

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Click here to see  ‘Five Secrets to Stop Diabetes’.

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Did you know?

  • Over 23 million Americans have some form of diabetes (most of them suffer from Type 2 Diabetes) and 57 million Americans are now considered pre-diabetic. (5 million people have diabetes and don’t even know it!).
  • The International Diabetes Federation, Brussels, puts the global total of diabetes sufferers at 285 million, with projections that it will rise to 438 million within 20 years. The vast majority of these have Type 2 diabetes, which is the result of an impaired ability to process dietary sugars, typically associated with obesity and lack of exercise.
  • If you are over 60 years old, one out of every four of you have diabetes, and this number continues to grow.
  • Diabetes kills more Americans every year than AIDS & Breast Cancer combined.
  • 75% of Diabetics have a systolic blood pressure of 130 or higher.
  • 65% of Diabetics die of cardiovascular disease.
  • Diabetes doubles the risk of heart attack and stroke. It is also the leading cause of kidney failure, and is responsible for more than 60% of all non-traumatic lower limb amputations.
  • Diabetes is the #1 cause of new blindness in adults ages 20 to 74.
  • The annual cost to treat diabetes in the US is estimated to be over $116 billion. The combined annual costs to treat the disease and to cover additional factors such as lost productivity, is estimated to be $174 billion. Heart experts worry that without better ways to prevent and treat diabetes, the disease threatens to reverse the last 50 years of advances against cardiovascular disease, which remains the world’s leading killer.

Sobering  numbers …


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  2. American Heart Association
  3. – article March 14, 2010 “Search for Better Diabetes Therapy Falls Short. Current Treatments, While Effective, Failed to Also Help Prevent Heart Attacks and Stroke.”
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