An article on  by Rita Rubin today caught my attention: “Diabetes Shame Plus Denial a Risky Combo”. 

Many people I’ve worked with in the past seven years didn’t have a support system of family and friends.  As a result, they had wildly uncontrolled diabetes.  Uncontrolled diabetes is how you get the complications like neuropathy (when your hands and/or feet get all tingly or go numb), heart attacks, and vision problems.  When diabetes is controlled, you don’t have complications. 

Denial about having diabetes is too common, unfortunately, because it leads to a delay in a plan of action about becoming educated and preventing life-threatening complications.  Feeling shame because you’ve been told you have diabetes is a negatively powerful tool to ensure that you’ll have problems.   The article I read talked about how one woman’s dialog with her mother about choices she had made as a child (“I told you not to eat all those sweets”) took her down a path that had poor results. 

Let’s talk about diabetes.  Do not feel shame.  Feel empowered that you can now make good choices.  Feel good that you can now teach your family to be informed and stay healthy.  We all need a support system.  Hiding something like a diabetes diagnosis will only delay your success in controlling diabetes and hopefully, with my help, reversing it. 

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Your health IS your life.  Make it great!  We don’t have time for denial or shame.   So let’s get started, TOGETHER!

Nancy L. Heinrich, M.P.H.

Author of Healthy Living with Diabetes: One Small Step at a Time ( and Healthy Diabetes Coach: Your Keys to Control ( , a diabetes education program for people newly diagnosed with diabetes or prediabetes

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